New adventure ahead!

Yes, it happened, in the past week… I have moved to a new company!

After 2 months of challenges, interviews and so (that’s one of the main reasons that I haven’t published anything), I started in a new place which is completely different of where I’ve been in the past.

Instead of a consultancy, I am working in an end company, meaning, no working for different customers but for the same one, the company it self!

A new environment

This new place is called…Kodify!

Which produces video content and building, developing and managing a number of high-traffic websites. That means that they not only create media but also manage high-traffic websites were to host this media!

Tech perspective

For technologies perspective I’ll be using many already known technologies:

  • AWS as the main cloud provider with services like Cloudfront, RDS, EC2, etc.
  • Kubernetes (self-hosted), Docker, and Helm 3.
  • Cloudformation and Terraform from an IaC perspective.
  • EFK with Grafana and Thanos for observability.
  • MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • GH actions and Jenkins.
  • (OS) Linux : Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

So you know, technical stuff : )

Why this movement?

It was time for me to move on from NTT, I already felt like stuck in the same place with no much movement and a bit limited in terms of growth (I know I moved this year to a new role but it was almost the same).

The opportunity to move to an end company with high-traffic websites, see another different kind of culture was appealing and I took it.

To conclude

I am embracing this new change and I already like the welcome I have received, not only the people but the provided material which exceeded my expecattions. In fact, I am now a Mac user (M1 Pro 2021) thanks to them.

Can be scary sometimes to move from a huge place to an smaller one but time will say, for now, I expect to know more about the company itself, how to provide value on it and help in the growth and manteinance of it!

That’s all, happy holidays to everyone!