Let’s continue with the guide, in this part 2.

This is based in:

Kubernetes Controllers

We will be using the following CIDR for node within the cluster:

  • Somred1:
  • Somred2:
  • Somred3:

Kubernetes Workers

This nodes will act as the Kubernetes workers nodes which will host the pods, we need to have 2 NICs for each node.

One NIC will be the one used before to communicate with the other nodes:


  • Worknet1 NIC1:
  • Worknet2 NIC1:
  • Worknet3 NIC1:

%%We will be using the following pod CIDR for each worker node.

  • Worknet1 NIC2:
  • Worknet2 NIC2:
  • Worknet3 NIC2: