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Kubernetes the hard way but on-prem - part 1 (Discontinued)

DISCLAIMER I decided to not continue with this due to the huge implications that will be to redo everything not in the cloud. Basically, a lot of time should be invested and I miscalculated it by too much. Therefore, this will be probably the first and only post about these series. Context In order to practice for the CKA exam, it is recommended to perform the famous Kubernetes The Hard Way by Kelsey Hightower....

August 12, 2021 · 4 min · itgaiden

AZ-400 exam notes

Some months missing between my last update! I must say I have been quite busy with the new position and the massive change that has impacted my previous knowledge but overall, I am pretty happy with it! Therefore, let’s move to the point! So I just want to share some notes of the AZ-400 exam which I recently passed and I hope that can be useful to someone. Certification details This exam (AZ-400) is the second one of the path to the specific «Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert» certification:...

June 8, 2021 · 4 min · itgaiden

New role, moving to the cloud!

Finally, I am writing something here. It’s being almost 5 months since I wrote my last blog post and it happened so fast but my final project kept me quite busy between November ‘20 and January ‘21. After finishing my bachelor’s degree final project in January, I’ve been enjoying some free time for myself and with that, I «forgot» about writing (a.k.a. procrastination) but not anymore as I plan to start again writing as I did in the past....

March 22, 2021 · 2 min · itgaiden

Is the applications’ future «containe(r)d»?

Well, I’ll be lying if I haven’t heard of containers in the past years although I used them barely at my job (solutions engineer) shouldn’t I consider them more every time to replace the applications where my customers have their servers? Like many people that work as sysadmin these days, they are used to work with virtualization, in particular Virtual Machines (VMs), customers still using them (and it will continue) to deploy their applications in an OS which delivers great benefits against the legacy approach of the Baremetal (Mainframe) era....

October 31, 2020 · 3 min · itgaiden

Finishing a Computer Engineering degree with DevOps stuff

It’s been more than one month since I published something here but I’ve been changing quite a lot my focus learning and I changed now from CCNA to DevOps things. TL;DR I will be building an automated CI/CD pipeline for my final assignment focusing on tools installed and configured on-premise although there will be cloud services like the front-end. Also, I forgot to mention that last month I started the last semester of my Computer Engineering degree that I started back in 2014 (oh my!...

October 19, 2020 · 4 min · itgaiden

Increasing the heap memory on vCSA 6.7 services

For some reason, our monitoring alerted that the service “vsphere-ui” from the vCSA it was having some problems randomly. From the user perspective only we noticed some slowness when navigating within the HTML5 client. I took a quick view of the VAMI I saw this message from the VMware vSphere Client service: The server is running low on heap memory (>90% utilized.) So it was time to solve those random alerts about memory utilization....

August 31, 2020 · 2 min · itgaiden